Pebble Rock course layout

It's time to play!

The course is 6088m and offers three tee options, which golfers will find challenging, yet rewarding. The course is known for its sloping greens, narrow undulating fairways and several water obstacles with great bushveld views.

Hole 1

A tight starting hole with a red penalty area left in play off the tee. A solid tee shot down the centre will leave you with a mid to short iron to a green guarded by a bunker on the left and water on the right. Beware of the few trees if you are a bit right off the tee as they will hinder your approach shot. A par is a good start to your round.

Hole 2

The first of six par 3’s at Pebble. At 168m off the tips, two bunkers short and right await any wayward tee shot. Take heed of the trees two-thirds of the way on the left. Bailing out left is not a great idea as one of the Estate properties is ready to “own” anything left and short. Centre of the green is a good place to be.

Hole 3

A downhill par 5 with plenty of penalty areas and obstacles lying in wait for an errand shot. A tee shot down the left keeps the bunkers on the right and the tree in the centre of the fairway out of play. Careful about too far left as OB and a penalty area come into play. Just short of the water trench crossing the fairway will leave you a fairway wood or hybrid/long iron into the green. Water short left and a bunker and dam to the right makes a lay up with a short iron the less risky option. A large green, sloping front to back makes putting interesting. A good chance at a birdie, but a thinking hole.

Hole 4

190m par 3, bunkered to the right and a dam around 30m short of the green, poses a good challenge. The green slopes from right to left and back to front and par is a good score.

Hole 5

Risk and reward par 4 at under 280m downhill. Anything long or left of the green will find water. A very slopy green makes it challenging. An iron off the tee is a good option if you can stay out of the two bunkers down the right. A bail out option is available to the 7th fairway right as OB is close on the left. This option will still leave you a short iron downhill to the green. This hole has seen its fair share of Eagles and even a hole-in-one.

Hole 6

Not for the faint hearted and not stroke one for nothing. A narrow and short “island” fairway awaits you over a decent carry over a dam and river which also runs up the right side of the fairway. The OB left is also close and the fairway slopes to water everywhere except dead centre fairway. From the fairway you face a mid-iron steep uphill second to a green bunkered on the left. Plays longer than you think so take an extra club for the uphill. The green also has its challenges, with serious slope from back right to front left. A par or better is really rewarding.

Hole 7

One of the easier par 4’s on the course, doglegging left around the houses. Your tee shot needs to miss or carry the rocky outcrop which guards the fairway. Your second is to a crater green guarded by bunkers short and left. A good hole to make par or better.

Hole 8

A short but tricky par 3 playing slightly uphill with a large green sloping severely from back right to front left. A bunker short of the green is well placed to catch any miss hit. A good idea to stay below the pin on this hole if you can.

Hole 9

A curving uphill par 5, reachable in two for the longer hitters. For the shorter off the tee players there is plenty of lay up area and a solid third with a short iron could lead to a birdie.

Hole 10

A well protected downhill par 5 with fairway bunkers left and right. Water hazards down the right and a water hazard short left are strategically placed to catch any wayward layup. There is also water to the right of the green for those brave enough to go for it in two shots. A large green sloping from front to back. A genuine birdie opportunity.

Hole 11

An uphill par 3 with water behind and right of the green and a bunker on the left front of the green. An accurate tee shot is required, especially distance, to another sloped green from back left to front right. Keep it below the hole to make a par or better.

Hole 12

A short uphill par 4 which is in reach for the longer hitter. For the average golfer fairway bunkers need to be avoided on the left and a clump of trees short right of the green. A bunker front left guards half of the green which slopes severely from back left to front. A true risk and reward hole but be careful as par is not a bad score.

Hole 13

An uphill par 3 requiring a mid to long iron and the green is bunkered to the right. Another testing green with plenty of slopes. Not stroke 6 for nothing. Take a par if you can and move on quickly.

Hole 14

A downhill par 4 with fairway bunkers left and right. A decent straight tee shot will leave you a mid to long iron to a large green with a bunker there to catch anything short and right. Accuracy is everything on this hole.

Hole 15

A very challenging short par 4 with a narrow exit from the tee requiring concentration and commitment to your chosen tee shot. Do not push or pull your tee shot as trouble lurks left and right. A mid iron to the top of the plateau of the fairway will allow the ball to release down the slope and leave you a short iron to the green. Be careful of being too long off the tee as the fairway does slope right to left below the plateau towards the dam short of the green. A generous green which slopes back to front and right to left. A well-placed tee shot will give you a good chance at making par or better.

Hole 16

A dogleg left par 5 from a pulpit tee box. Avoid the houses on the left and a dam down below also on the left and you should have a fairway wood or less slightly uphill to a green with a bunker front left. Stay below the pin on this hole t keep a three putt at bay. A real birdie opportunity for most.

Hole 17

The last of 6 par 3’s on the course. A water hazard protects the right of this hole as well as a dam you need to carry of the tee. A sizeable green with a decent amount of slope. 3 is a good score.

Hole 18

A slight uphill par 5 with bunkers and thorn trees in the landing area requiring an accurate tee shot to avoid trouble. A lone bunker short right of the green will catch and misdirected or badly struck attempt to reach this green in two. A clump of trees short left and right of the green also need to be avoided. A good finishing hole which can be birdied and hopefully leaving you longing for more golf.

Hole 19

Where there are no bogeys, the drinks are cold and the staff and friends are warm hearted. Stunning sunsets are there to be viewed daily from the deck of the clubhouse.