Pebble Rock estate

Where home is in nature

Luxurious homes nesstled in the bushveld, just north of the Roodeplaat Dam. Pebble Rock Golf and Bushveld Estate boasts its forna and flora surrounding an exclusive and sloping golf course. Sights and sounds of birds and wildlife calm the mind and soul when taking sunset walks and early morning hikes in this secure and community centered residential estate.

Pebble Rock Fauna

We are blessed with an abundance of beautiful bird speces. To mention just a few: Pearl spotted Owl, Fish Eagle, Black Kite, Black Sparrowhawk, Redchested Cuckoo, Black Cuckoo, Redbilled Hornbill, Orangebreasted Bush Shrike, Whitebellied Sunbird, Longtailed Shrike, Blackheaded Oriole and Goliath Heron.

Pebble Rock Flora

Pebble Rock are a bushveld estate within the Seringveld conservation area (Burkea trees). We encourage indigenious trees, grass and plants and we are actively fighting invasive species like the Pom-poms and Lantana. No alien or invasive species are allowed in the outside gardens. (Burkea africana is a very difficult tree to propagate, but not impossible. Once planted, do not disturb.)


Residential Estate

Pebble Rock Golf and Bushveld estate was established in 2004 and now holds 104 plots and 293 stands, most of which face the golf course.

Security and safety of our residents receives top priority in our estate.

Our security system:

  • Perimeter fence cameras
  • Off-site monitoring
  • Armed response
  • Armed guards and
  • Facial recognition access control


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