Get a Golf Membership at One of Pretoria’s Most Challenging Golf Courses

If you’re addicted to golf, chances are high that you’ve played nearly every course that you have encountered. We’ve seen it happen and often, whether or not you eventually sign up for a golf membership depends on how enjoyable the course is! Avid golfers want nothing more than to get outdoors and see how they do on a course that they’ve never encountered before, or a particularly challenging course. The great thing about the golf clubs in South Africa is that they generally invite club members and public members to enjoy their facilities. The differences can be found in terms of fees/costs and, of course, the privileges or perks on offer.

First and foremost, having a golf membership at each of your favourite golf clubs in Pretoria and beyond is certainly a wise choice. You will find that membership fees are quite a bit less than just a visitor or associated member. These fees are usually annual or a once-off, whereas outsiders will need to pay for using the course and various other benefits every time they use the course. Even the golf carts are slightly more expensive for a visitor/non-member.

There are a few things that you should take into consideration when deciding if a club is worthy or your golf membership. First and foremost, look at the costs. Don’t just take your membership fee into consideration – keep an eye out for any additional costs that might rack up on the day. Choose your memberships wisely! Also look for a club that offers a challenging course that’s suited to all handicaps. The course should be challenging for all players, and the surroundings and club house should be well maintained and equipped.

Check to see how busy the club is. It’s great to be a member of a beautiful golf club, but it’s pointless if the course is too busy for you to enjoy a game with a few of your workmates, or even your spouse and kids. Last but not least, check out the facilities. What exactly are your membership fees going towards? Are there caddies available? Are the golf carts in good stock and good condition? Will these perks cost you more? Are there conveniences on offer, such as booking your tee-off time online? It’s all about what you get out, so do your homework when considering a golf membership.

Pebble Rock Golf Club Memberships

If you’re looking for the best golf membership options in Pretoria, Pebble Rock Golf Club should be a top option. Our membership fees vary depending on whether you are a full member, pensioner, spouse, junior golfer or lady golfers. We also offer special unlimited membership packages where you pay a once-off fee for your membership and don’t need to pay again. Of course, you don’t need to have a golf membership to enjoy the Pebble Rock Golf Club facilities. Our golf course is open to the public with a visitor green fee charged. Golf carts are also available at an extra charge for both members and non-members.

Want to find out more about our beautiful yet challenging golf course in Pretoria? Want to get a golf membership at one of Pretoria’s favourite golf courses? Waste no more time. Contact us via email or telephone at Pebble Rock Golf Club to find out more.

Pebble Rock Golf Club Membership