Looking for Top Golf Courses in Pretoria? Visit Pebble Rock Golf Club

Where are all the golf courses in Pretoria? Are they worth your time or do you have to visit other golf courses to get your weekly fix? Do you know where avid golfers are spending their time in Pretoria? If you’re looking for viable golf courses in Pretoria, you’re sure to have encountered information on Pebble Rock Golf Club. Our course is one of very few challenging courses in the area. The only level areas of our course are found at the tee boxes and while the course is a challenge, it’s also best suited to all handicaps.

What makes Pebble Rock such a popular course? We’d have to say that it’s the overall enjoyment of the course. All golfers to spend time on the green, both members and non-members, thoroughly enjoy the challenges presented by the 18 holes. In fact, during the rainy season, 11 of these holes present water obstacles – this heightens the fun and puts every golfer’s skills to the test.

How does Pebble Rock compare to other golf courses in Pretoria? Our golf club is a serious contender when it comes to comparisons with other clubs and courses in the Gauteng region. Firstly, it is well run, beautifully maintained and also offers a course that isn’t overbooked! Comfortable play is absolutely possible on our course and is something that we are proud of. We have a pro shop on site that’s designed to offer a phenomenal view of the 9th and 18th greens, and our club house offers a warm welcome to all members, their guests and even members of the public. Our entire facility is designed for enjoyment. Whether you’re out on the course or enjoying a beverage or light meal at our club house – our team will make you feel completely at home! For our members, we have leading brand name golfing apparel available and we also offer golfers the opportunity of booking their tee-off time or even golf day online or at the pro shop.

Whether you’re looking for golf courses in Pretoria because you live in the area, are visiting the area or work/do business in the area, Pebble Rock Golf Club should be on the very top of your list of options. Our golf club is designed for all types of golfers and we are confident that you will love our course, our club house and our team members too. You will find that we offer an array of membership options for you to choose from and for those who want to save on golfing costs, we have unlimited memberships and once-off membership fees available too.

If you’re still shopping around for top golf courses in Pretoria and haven’t yet tried Pebble Rock, do so today! Spend some time on our golf course, stroll through the grounds, investigate the club house and chat to our enthusiastic and helpful team members. You’ll soon find out why our challenging course is the pick of so many golfers in the area. Need more information and advice? Visit our pro shop, like us on Facebook, send us an email or give us a call! We’d love to hear from you!

Pebble Rock Golf Club Membership